Roger and Maggie serve with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Roger grew up in Central Illinois, coming to know Christ at an early age. He went to Wheaton College where he came into contact with Campus Crusade for Christ. Impressed with the desire to share his faith, he transferred to Illinois State University in 1968.

Maggie grew up in the Chicago area. She also came to know Christ at a young age and was became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ  at Illinois State University where she met Roger when he transferred there. They were engaged and married within the year and knew that they wanted to continue to minister on college campuses, joining staff in 1970.

Together they served at the University of Texas in Arlington and Southern Illinois University. Roger’s gift of administration became evident and he served as the Area Administrator for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North akota and Upper Michigan as well as the Associate US National Administer.

In 1976, the Lord led Roger into business, heading up the family business, Glass Speciality, with home offices and franchises.  The Lord led them back into ministry in 1980 where Roger had opportunity to lead, eventually, all the CCC ministries in the US except for the Campus. In 1995, he began leading special projects which included several major administrative roles.

In the meantime, Roger and Maggie raised 4 children. Maggie grew and developed writing skills that developed into publication of articles, poems, co-authorship of a book (Leading a Child to Independence) and the script to a children’s musical (Tunekids).

Today, we are both active in ministry. Roger is the VP of Global Operations and Maggie serves along with him in Global Operations as well as in US Human Resources. We are humbled and thrilled with the opportunity to serve the Lord wherever he leads. We know that we would not be here except for the grace of God in our lives and for the hundreds who have partnered with us in ministry over the years. As you look at our site, we invite you to praise Him with us for all He has done!


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